Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

Online advertising is an important part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. There are currently various online advertising sites and services. One-Click Pay (PPC) is one of the most talked-about online advertising services in the field of digital marketing. One of the most important is the popularity of Google AdWords and most digital marketers.

Talented digital marketers at AdWords are highly valued and you can find good job opportunities in some of the best companies in different industries. You can earn a certificate or proficiency through a professional course in Google AdWords or PPC.

Top Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

Explain how Google AdWords works?

Google AdWords operates on a bid-basis, in which the bid price and quality score determine whether an ad appears on top of the Google page. The higher the bid and the higher the quality score, the higher the chances of an ad being on top.

What is a quality score?

Quality rating is a rating provided by Google based on the relevance of keywords used and PPC ad format. It is based on several factors such as CTR (click-through rate), keyword fit, landing page quality and fit, ad text fit, and performance of previous ads.

Why do you think PPC is important in digital marketing?

PPC is important in digital marketing for the following reasons:

  • You can reach the right customer at the right time.
  • PPC shows results faster compared to organic campaigns.
  • PPC is useful in promoting odd products that are easy to find.

Should PPC be used only by big brands?

No. All brands can get the most out of PPC. It all depends on finding relevant, targeted, high-purpose keywords that work effectively.

What is Advertising Ranking?

Advertising rankings are determined by your status and quality score on the Google page.

How does an ad auction work on Google AdWords?

Advertising auctions are conducted billions of times each month and the most relevant ads are displayed based on what users see.

What are the various Google AdWords extensions?

Different types of extensions can be used to increase traffic. Common ad extensions include site link extension, call extension, configured snippet extension, call extension, message extension, location extension, parallel location extension, price extension, utility extension, review extension, and ad extension.

What is the writing limit for AdWords advertising?

Headline 1 – 30 characters.

Headline 2 – 30 characters.

Description Line – 80 characters.

Which settings cannot be changed after creating an AdWords account?

Time zone and currency.

What should be the best quality score for AdWords?

Google rated 5 and above as the best quality scores for best results.

What is CTR and how is it calculated?

CTR (click-through rate) is used to measure ad success. To calculate CTR, one can use the formula: Number of clicks/number of posts X 100 = CTR.

What is the difference between clicks and impressions?

Every time a user sees an ad it is called an Impression (whether a user clicks on the ad or not), whereas a click is considered when the user clicks on the ad.

What are the different types of automated bidding strategies?

Various Automated Auction Strategies in AdWords:

  • Increase clicks – Automatically adjust bids to get multiple options according to budget.
  • Target Search Page Location – automatically sets the auction to increase the chances of advertising being displayed at the top of the google search page or on the 1st search page.
  • Improve CPC – Automatically adjust auctions to maximize changes.
  • Target Out Ranking Share – An automated system of bidding over a domain and how often.
  • Target CPA – Set automatically bids to get maximum conversions according to target CPA.

What is the use of Conversion Optimizer?

Conversion Optimizer in AdWords is a tool that manages bids at the keyword level and determines which clicks on the ad will be valuable, which will lead to higher ROI (return on investment).

What are the target options in search network ads?

Keywords, stats, interests, and topics, and locations.

What are the target options in Display ads?

Resale, Demographics, Interests and Topics, Jobs and Automation & Guide.

What are the different types of access levels in AdWords?

Email access, read-only access, standard access, and administrative access are different types of access levels.

What is the ad cycle?

When there are multiple ads in an ad group, the ads will rotate because only one ad will be displayed on a single account at a time.

What is the Google Advertising API?

The Google Ad API is designed for large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers to create an application that communicates directly with the Google AdWords server.

How to track changes in Google AdWords?

You can make tracking changes using the basic tracking code provided by AdWords and change it with a unique additional code for a specific site. The View-Through Conversion window option tracks when a person sees your ad and does not click on it.



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