Looking for cheapest vps hosting servers for the robust growth of your website in 2024? Here’s your search result: VPS hosting servers are dependable and offer the highest level of control, customization, and freedom in the upgrade of hardware resources.

Users can select from the two options available with the VPS hosting services: 1) managed VPS hosting services; or 2) unmanaged (self) VPS hosting services. Managed VPS is the best solution for users who require various feature sets for their resource-intensive websites or applications but lack the technical expertise.

Self-managed VPS services, are designed for those who possess the technical expertise to handle the intricacies of their websites and require total control over them. Numerous service providers claim to provide the best offers and services, making it difficult for the user to choose the perfect one.

Additionally, selecting the ideal VPS hosting package is crucial. As a result, we have provided our users with this post, which lists the leading 4 VPS services in 2024 that can boost your business growth and enhance its credibility.


Top 4 VPS Hosting Service Providers For 2024

  • MilesWeb

Our top hosting provider comes with top web hosting features like SSD NVMe storage, 1 Gbps network speed, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and an intuitive management panel. MilesWeb is an web hosting company established a decade ago, which makes it an experienced hosting provider in the industry and their expertise lies in vps hosting for forex.

Moreover, they offer both fully managed and self-managed VPS hosting services. Their worldwide data center locations helped the users choose their desired and audience-preferences options. Their VPS hosting plans are extremely affordable, making them ideal for all website owners.

Their customer-friendly support team gives a prompt response to all issues, and they have precise solutions for each problem. All these features make them highly suitable for beginner website owners.

Plans Cost:

Self-managed VPS hosting starts at $5 per month.

Fully managed VPS hosting starts at $8.1 per month.


InMotion offers pretty good VPS hosting as compared to the other competitors on the list. However, the plans are still quite different as compared to our top provider on the list.

They provide five cPanel licenses, free backups, and root access. In addition to support, it is offered round-the-clock by phone, live chat, and tickets. They have a 90-day money-back guarantee, assuring their users of the best hosting services.

In addition to their SSD storage, they also include a secured environment, simplifying setup and easier configurations for the server. Their unmanaged VPS services are boosted on cloud servers, making them more expensive than those of other unmanaged VPS hosting providers.

Plans Cost:

Self-managed VPS hosting starts at $60/mo (the plans are customizable and the cost varies accordingly).

Fully managed VPS hosting starts at $14.99/mo.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers VPS services, but at a higher price as compared to MilesWeb. It is well-regarded for having the largest storage capacity of any VPS provider (up to 450 GB of SSD storage). Moreover, the feature set offered along with the plans is a good choice to go with when you have a high budget.

A2 Hosting offers additional services like high-security measures, free website migrations, and good customer support. Both of their VPS hosting plans (managed and unmanaged) come with high customization options and complete control over the servers for an easy website management process.

Plans Cost:

Self-managed VPS hosting starts at $2.99/mo.

Fully managed VPS hosting starts at $35.99/mo.


Bluehost’s every VPS service plan comes with features like an unlimited number of domain names, regardless of whether you have purchased one yet. With them, you can manage all of your VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting services in one location by adding more to your account.

However, with Bluehost, you only get the option of fully managed VPS services; they do not offer unmanaged or self-managed VPS hosting plans. Their managed VPS services are packed with multi-server management configurations, enabling users to manage their hosting accounts; they also offer specific access for server administration.

Plans Cost:

Fully managed VPS hosting starts at $31.99/mo.

Key Takeaways

While choosing the right VPS service provider, a user needs to understand that only their speed and power are not enough. The provider must be able to offer all the other required resources, features, and customized needs as per the website.

Lack of technical understanding, server management processes, and other steps in VPS hosting make the selection of the perfect provider a bit difficult. Many of you users are not aware of what the appropriate server resources are to fulfil your hosting needs!

While searching, ensure you research other providers as well. In our list, MilesWeb marks the top position due to its contrasting features, affordable plans, and additional discounts during checkout. Their money-back guarantee is the assurance of their quality work.

So, before committing to the plan or directly selecting your provider I suggest you consider your hosting budget, your technical expertise, and most importantly, the needs of your website.

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