Seven Boats is here to give advanced promoting administrations to adornment stores that are prepared to expand their computerized presence and perceivability. With experienced advanced advertising experts, upgraded systems, and an extensive range, we have been fruitful in making computerized impressions for different cycles like Web optimization, SEM, PPC missions, and web planning for some driving adornment stores. Our group of specialists shapes an extension between the clients and expected clients to produce the greatest leads from computerized media stages. With our advanced promoting administrations and arrangements, your gems store will earn respect from additional clients and grow its extension around the world. Know more about double cross necklace


Digital Marketing Strategy for jewellery store – A brief digital marketing plan for jewelry websites – digital marketing for jewelers.

Website Suggestions for digital marketing for jewelry

  • How to do advanced showcasing for gems stores?
  • Make it like an Internet business site or a semi Online business without an installment door however enquiry structure
  • Classify items for Event/Celebration/Assortment/Occasion/Party/Light Weight/Diamonds/
  • Precious stones and so on
  • Give item subtleties with an inquiry structure on each item page to gather client data
  • You can give an online gold plan/put resources into gold adornments conspire inquiry structure on site for lead
  • Feature items with high goal pics in various points like Online business sites

How to Reach Target Audience


  • Web index
  • Online Entertainment (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Email Advertising
  • Force to be reckoned with Advertising (VIP, Design Blogger)
  • Portable Application, QR Code
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Google My Business (GMB posting and Advancement for more store visits)


  • Natural (Regular traffic, commitment, activity from target channels)
  • Inorganic (Paid focusing on these channels in light of information, research and ideas)

Search Engine Optimization

  • Site/interior site pages/item page advancement on web crawler for normal traffic and lead
  • Content Promoting (Blog, Show, Infographic, pertinent Discussion cooperation, and so forth)/third-party referencing
  • from quality sites for brand building/reference traffic
  • Extraordinary substance creation with the right classes and interlinking between pages
  • Center more around UI/UX and portable ease of use
  • Center around the client’s aim.
  • Center around getting more certified audits.
  • Center around Google My professional resource and Advancement for more neighborhood store footfalls
  • Concentration to get more internet based PR for the brand.

Social Media Marketing

  • Brand advancement in Web-based Entertainment
  • Ordinary useful and special posts
  • Pre-Send off Mission (for new assortments)
  • Post-Send off Mission (narrating, tribute)
  • Occasion advancement (for brand review)
  • Bunch advancement (for mindfulness, marking)
  • Selfie and labeling challenge (for commitment and brand review)
  • Wedding adornments/Exceptional minutes/Puja stories and brief recordings share (for commitment and
  • marking)
  • Keep up with proactive reaction (for lead)
  • Keep up with newness and consistency of post on friendly pages (for expanding certifiable supporters)

Online Ads for Branding & Lead

  • Google Search promotion (for call, traffic to site)
  • Google Show promotion (for marking)
  • YouTube Video promotion (for marking)
  • Google Shopping promotion (for traffic/remarketing/transformation)
  • Facebook Mindfulness promotions (for marking)
  • Facebook Traffic promotion (for site traffic)
  • Facebook Commitment promotions (for page like and commitment with post)
  • Gold plan FB lead promotion focusing on ladies Kolkata 26-57 yrs.
  • Instagram promotion (for brand mindfulness)

Influencer & Email Marketing

  • Getting some information about your store
  • Sending emailers on events like Dhanteras, Diwali, Laxmi Puja, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Commemoration, and so forth to existing client data set
  • Sending Bulletin to messages procured from site
  • Unwaveringness program, birthday wishes and deal, site turn the wheel fortunate attract challenge to increment and draw in repeating guests.

How Seven Boats Can Help

  • We can give full – stack advanced showcasing answer for marking and lead. That incorporates following and more
  • Web optimization system for arriving at ideal interest group
  • Carrying out Search engine optimization procedure for brand building and lead
  • Blog Content Thoughts, Points, Reference and Composing
  • Social Substance – Exploration, Content Creation and Ideas
  • Illustrations – Site imaginative, infographic, social inventive, emailer and promotion innovative
  • Paid Mission Spending plan Arranging, Designation, Execution, Screen and Report
  • Emailer planning and mission the board
  • Checking your asset and their work.
  • Day to day/Week after week/Month to month Work Investigation and Input
  • Month Wise Information and Criticism Driven System
  • Guide Arranging and Ideas

FAQs about Jewelry Digital Marketing

What digital marketing services does Seven Boats offer for jewelry stores?

  • Seven Boats offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, PPC campaigns, web design, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email advertising, and more.
  1. How can digital marketing help jewelry stores increase their online presence?
  • Digital marketing helps jewelry stores increase their online presence by optimizing their website for search engines, engaging with customers on social media platforms, running targeted advertising campaigns, and leveraging influencer partnerships.
  1. What website suggestions does Seven Boats provide for digital marketing for jewelry businesses?
  • Seven Boats suggests creating a website with an inquiry form for each product, categorizing products based on events, occasions, and collections, and providing high-resolution images of products from different angles.
  1. How does Seven Boats recommend reaching the target audience for jewelry stores?
  • Seven Boats recommends reaching the target audience through channels such as search engines, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, influencer partnerships, mobile applications, QR codes, and paid advertisements.
  1. What is the approach suggested by Seven Boats for digital marketing for jewelry stores?
  • The approach suggested by Seven Boats includes both organic methods such as generating regular traffic and engagement, as well as inorganic methods such as paid targeting based on data and research.
  1. What search engine optimization strategies are recommended for jewelry stores?
  • Recommended SEO strategies include website optimization for search engines, content marketing through blogs and infographics, building backlinks from quality websites, focusing on user experience and mobile usability, and optimizing page URLs, titles, and descriptions.
  1. What social media marketing tactics are suggested for jewelry businesses?
  • Seven Boats suggests brand promotion on social media platforms, regular informative and promotional posts, pre-launch and post-launch campaigns for new collections, event promotions, engagement activities like selfie contests, and proactive response to customer inquiries.
  1. How can online ads be utilized for branding and lead generation for jewelry stores?
  • Online ads can be utilized through Google search and display ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook awareness, traffic, and engagement ads, Instagram ads, and targeted lead ads focusing on specific demographics and locations.

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