5 Countries that issue visas to job seekers without an offer letter

A job seeker visa works as a temporary residence permit and allows you to look for employment  – without a sponsor or an offer letter – while living in the country for a specified period of time.

In most countries , once you find employment and meet the requirements, you can receive permanent residence in the country . here are five countries that offer job seeker visas.



For  a six months visa, you should be above 18 years if age, with a bachelor’s degree and five years of work experience. you will need to show proof of financial stability – this could be in the form of a blocked account for a sum of rs4,94,105 or a sponsors letter.



For a six month visa, you need to have a minimum score of 70 on austria,s 100- points list of criteria for very highly qualify workers. the list includes skills and qualifications like awards, research and innovation, academic degrees, gross salary and language proficiency.



For a three- to nine months visa, you need to have completed you studies corresponding to an advanced level degree. your degree must  correspond to a 60- 120 credit master’s degree, a professional degree worth 60 – 330 credits, or a PG/PhD- level degree.


For a 60, 90 or 120 day visa , you must be in the first three skill levels – managers or a professional in scientific fields – as per the ministry of human resources and emiratisation . you must be a graduate from one of the best 500 universities in the world and have financial guarantee.



You can procure a visit valid for 120 days . while information about eligibility is not available on the official website, write to the Diplomatic portal of the portuguese government for more details.

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