If you’re interested in the real estate market or the highest-paying college majors but aren’t sure about a specific function, looking into the best-paying careers in real estate investment trusts could be a good alternative. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer positions are already well-known in the REIT business as some of the highest-paying positions. However, we’ll go a little deeper with our list.

Let’s talk about the career opportunities at real estate investment trusts, including anticipated income ranges, job responsibilities, and prerequisites for each position.


One of the highest-paying occupations in real estate investment trusts is Real Estate Acquirer. The Real Estate Acquirer takes over the process after completing research and analysing the numbers. This person is in charge of a REIT’s negotiations and acquisitions. Their purpose is to ensure that the corporation pays a reasonable price for its properties.

Estimated Salary $140,000-$200,000
Job Responsibilities Understanding the right price to pay for each property or piece of land
Negotiating deals
Qualifications Finance, business, or economics degree
Analytical skills
Soft skills like expert negotiation
Composed personality under pressure


Working for a real estate investment trust does not require you to be a real estate agent!

Real estate solicitors play a critical role in real estate investment trusts. Working for a REIT might be one of the most profitable careers for lawyers who already specialise in corporate law, real estate law, or contracts.

A real estate attorney will collaborate closely with the real estate agent overseeing the transaction, company officials, real estate brokers, and others.

Estimated Salary $100,000-$150,000
Job Responsibilities Manage all the legal paperwork and real estate documents behind operating a REIT, closing each deal, and managing properties
Represent the REIT during negotiations
Qualifications Law degree with a license to practice
Exceptional negotiation and problem-solving skills are required for real estate attorney jobs


One of the highest-paying occupations in real estate investment trusts is REIT Investor. They are in charge of all real estate investing decisions, from acquiring properties to selling them. They also come up with real estate business concepts that could be profitable ventures.

A REIT Investor, in addition to managing these real estate investment decisions, also oversees investor relationships. It is critical to maintain these investor relationships in order to continue the business and earn future deals.

Estimated Salary $130,000-$160,000
Job Responsibilities Leading the acquisition and selling processes
Building and managing investor relationships
Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or business


One of the highest-paying careers in real estate is Investment Analyst. They examine numerous real estate properties to see which will be profitable investments for the REIT. They play a key role in the real estate industry since they advise upper management on the company’s investment plan.

Investment analysts add value to real estate investment trust decision-makers. They accomplish this by recommending that they invest in a specific real estate property.

Estimated Salary $100,000-$130,000
Job Responsibilities Research potential properties to see if they’re a viable option for real estate investors to acquire
Collaborate with the finance and acquisition teams to provide insight into properties
Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in business or finance
Superior research and analytical skills


Each property purchase is handled by a Site Acquisition Specialist. This contains the contractual duties as well as the technical aspects of each transaction. They must comprehend building codes, leasing capacities, local government entitlements, and other factors.

Estimated Salary $130,000-$160,000
Job Responsibilities Manage the details and technicalities of each acquisition to make sure all legal and contractual requirements are met
Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or economics
Attention to detail
Knowledge of building codes, leasing requirements, and more

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Other than being a property manager, there are other methods to work in the real estate market!

Being the Vice President of Marketing is not only one of the highest-paying professions in real estate investment trusts, but it’s also a lot of fun. The VP of Marketing promotes the company in order to attract new clients and investors. After the deals are made, this person will be in charge of promoting the properties.

Estimated Salary $130,000-$160,000
Job Responsibilities Creating and executing marketing campaigns that bring in new business and acquire new investors
Marketing properties with either B2B or B2B tactics
Qualifications Degree in marketing, public relations, or communications
Creativity and business savvy
Management skills


A real estate investment trust analyst is critical to the performance of the trust. A REIT Analyst will advise real estate investors on the possibilities of each property after doing extensive study.

Their reports offer information on potential real estate investments. They comprise extensive research and planning for each home and business property. The information contained in investment reports will aid in determining which real estate investments are suitable for attracting investors.


Real estate brokers are a step up from real estate agents. Brokers are licenced, allowing them to work freely and manage their own team of agents.

Working as a real estate broker for real estate investment trusts allows you to manage your own team of agents that close deals for the REIT. This can be done in-house or as a separate brokerage.

Estimated Salary $100,000-$160,000
Job Responsibilities Analyze the real estate market in order to be able to expertly negotiate deals
Manage your own team of real estate agents
Qualifications Real estate broker license
Soft skills like expert negotiation


Property Developers are in charge of hiring and supervising contractors for commercial and residential projects while maintaining under budget. One of the more difficult occupations in real estate, they oversee the project from planning to completion. Working as a Property Developer or Real Estate Developer is one of the most significant and challenging positions in the real estate industry.

Estimated Salary $80,000-$100,000
Job Responsibilities Manage multiple complex projects simultaneously from acquisition to completion
Ensure the successful and on-budget completion of projects
Qualifications MBA (preferably in business or real estate)
Superior project management skills
Previous experience that’s directly relevant to this role


Property management is one of the highest-paying occupations in real estate investment trusts that requires only a high school diploma.

Property managers play a variety of functions in the real estate investment market, depending on the demands of each REIT. A Property Manager, for example, could manage residential complexes, commercial buildings or shopping centres, serving the needs of property owners, tenants, and investors.

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Estimated Salary $70,000-$120,000
Job Responsibilities Managing residential and commercial properties
Qualifications A bachelor’s degree is recommended but not required
Relevant experience is recommended but not always required
Expert managerial skills
Communication skills


Now that you’ve identified the highest-paying professions in real estate investment trusts, let’s look at the various areas of the REIT business where you can specialise.


Medical real estate investment trusts concentrate on commercial real estate such as hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and other healthcare institutions. Working for a medical REIT can provide workers with some of the best-paying employment in the medical field, which is also a profitable industry.


A debt REIT specialises on lending to real estate investment clients looking to buy residential and commercial property. This sort of real estate investment trust earns money by charging interest on loans made to other real estate developers and investors.


The retail industry is the focus of a merchandise real estate investment trust. This comprises shopping centres, supermarkets, and department stores.

These sorts of real estate investment trusts can manage malls and other shopping centres as well as provide finance to property buyers and lessees.


The domestic sector of the REIT industry is responsible for the creation of communities, apartment complexes, and other housing developments.


An equitability real estate investment trust is backed by a real estate investor. These REITs will discover chances in residential properties such as apartments and commercial properties such as resorts. They then propose them to their investors for approval. Following the approval of the real estate transaction, the REIT will administer the project and return a percentage of its income to its investors.


Working for a real estate investment trust is a fast-paced atmosphere that is always changing due to new purchases and transactions. It entails travelling, managing connections, and becoming acquainted with an ever-changing portfolio of properties.

The people you’ll be working with are extremely experienced and skilled at what they do, which fosters an environment of hardworking individuals eager to progress and earn more. It can be both motivating and competitive. This might be a positive or terrible thing depending on your personality and chosen business culture.


While working for a REIT pays well, what other benefits does it offer?

Other advantages of working for a REIT include:

Added job security : Even if the economy and industry fluctuate, one of the most significant advantages of working for a REIT is knowing that your industry and profession will always be needed. Even if the market and economy shift, there will always be a need to manage, develop, purchase, lease out, and sell residential and commercial properties.

Opportunities to advance your career: There are numerous career chances for growth within the REIT business as you continue to build your abilities and gain experience.

Flexible work environment: Many REITs provide their employees a flexible work environment in which they can choose their own schedules while still getting their work done.

Additional earning opportunities: A REIT obviously provides well-paying positions, but it also often provides incentives and stock options, allowing employees to make even more.


Working with real estate investment trusts can give job security, growth chances, and a fast-paced working atmosphere, in addition to some of the highest-paying positions available.

You may now determine if working with real estate investment trusts is correct for you now that you have more knowledge about the types of well-paying jobs available in the business!

FAQs :-

What real estate position pays the most?

From highest- to lowest-paying, these are: Mortgage Loan Officer. Real Estate Attorney. Real Estate Agent. Compliance Specialist. New Home Sales Consultant. Realtor. Real Estate Broker. Property Accountant.

Can you make good money with REITs?

Can you make good money with REITs? The Bottom Line There's much to be said for investing in REITs. They're more liquid than physical properties and can be a steady source of income. They appreciate (and can depreciate) along with the broader real estate market, and allow you to hedge against stock market volatility.

Are real estate investment trusts a good investment?

Are REITs Good Investments? Investing in REITs is a great way to diversify your portfolio outside of traditional stocks and bonds and can be attractive for their strong dividends and long-term capital appreciation.

Who earns more in real estate?

Real Estate Broker A real estate broker is permitted under law to negotiate and organize real estate dealings. A career as a real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay.

What is the salary structure in real estate?

Real Estate Agent Salaries in India The average salary for Real Estate Agent is ₹1,53,765 per month in the India. The average additional cash compensation for a Real Estate Agent in the India is ₹1,31,256, with a range from ₹26,998 - ₹2,26,666.

Do millionaires invest in REITs?

Billionaires are buying REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) due to the attractive dividends and potential for long-term capital appreciation. Additionally, low-interest rates make REITs more appealing as an investment option.

Do REITs pay monthly income?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are an investment that offers steady income. There are a handful of REITs that pay dividends on a monthly basis. Some of the most well-known monthly dividend payers include Realty Income (O), AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC), and STAG Industrial (STAG).

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