Indian Restaurants In Dubai

Indian restaurants are popular in Dubai for many reasons. Most visitors to the city enjoy Indian cuisine for its rich flavors. As Indian cuisine is diverse, people can choose a unique flavor based on their preferences.

Most foodies turn to top Indian restaurants for their favorite Indian cuisine. Such restaurants serve Indian food with authentic flavors to satisfy the appetite of foodies. Food lovers also look for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai for the same reason.

If you’re looking for the best Indian restaurant in Dubai for one of these reasons, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a handy list of the top 10 Indian restaurants where you can get authentic Indian food in Dubai.

Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai

Barbeque Nation

Nowadays, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t know about Barbecue Nation. It is a leading destination for dining with family and friends. Its customer service is as good as its cuisine. As soon as you enter this buffet-style restaurant and take a seat, you’ll find one of its eager staff to not only take your order but also serve you.


A restaurant whose name translates to always fun, good times at Masti. Beautifully perched on the edge of the seaside resort of La Mer, this Indian restaurant does everything right, from its quirky decor and ambiance to its divine food, courtesy of award-winning chef Prashant Chipkar.

Indya by Vineet

A more playful sibling to Vineeth’s popular Indigo, Vineeth’s India lives up to its lively reputation and is packed any night of the week.

Giving its radiant interiors a run for their money, you’ll find plenty of fun twists on its innovative menu. Kick things off with a playful chat trolley before digging into the expertly designed main courses. Like most Indian restaurants in Dubai, the cuisine is shared, with street food-style snacks and quirky dishes stealing the show alongside traditional dishes.


A dining experience at Tresind, perhaps one of the most exotic Indian restaurants in Dubai, is a sight to behold. A multi-time Out in Dubai Best Indian Award winner, don’t miss out on a relaxing, chilled-out evening at Tresind. Instead, get ready to indulge in signature Indian dishes with plenty of dry ices, foams, gels, and other theatrics.


It doesn’t get much more impressive than dining inside the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, so if a night out is on the cards, book a table at Armani/Amal. Hot since 2010 and still one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, this chic eatery continues to stand out among some of the city’s newest openings thanks to its innovative menu and sleek interiors.

Bombay Borough

While Dubai undoubtedly has one of the most diverse culinary landscapes in the world, there are few cuisines more popular than Indian food. However, Bombay Borough is on a mission to shake up the landscape with a menu with a European influence big on spice, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Bombay Brasserie

With a live open kitchen, curated oversized art, and botanical decor, dining at Bombay Brasserie is a feast for the eyes and stomach. A foray between classic and contemporary, Taj Dubai’s signature restaurant prides itself on its ability to revive ancient Indian cooking methods, allowing diners to experience authentic Indian cuisine in all its glory.

Carnival by Tresind

Setting the scene for innovative Indian cuisine in Dubai, this upscale restaurant in the swankiest district of the city is an Indian tour de force, much-loved by a clientele of well-heeled connoisseurs blessed with good taste.

Think futuristic interiors and inventive menus, a meal at Carnival is complete with an impressive cooking show, so you can expect tableside food stalls, live music, quirky dishes, and plenty of dry ice.

Little Miss India

There is no other Indian restaurant in Dubai quite like Little Miss India. Inspired by the house of the mansion’s fictional owner, Miss Mohini Singh, this restaurant-meets-lounge’s whimsical decor is characterized by bold colors, antique wood, and a tribal spice truck. Keep your cameras (or iPhones) ready for arrival.

Mint Leaf of London

One of the top Indian restaurants in Dubai, with a DIFC setting to boot, London’s Mint Leaf is a long-standing purveyor of Indian cuisine. Whether your taste buds fear a fiery curry or a mild Indian grill, the chefs at this elegant trendy restaurant cater to all tastes and preferences by taking the best of Indian flavors and ingredients.

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