Best Content Writing Agencies in India

We now live in an entirely digitized India, where companies actively pursue leads via various social media platforms. We use a wide range of marketing tactics, including blogs, articles, PR, and social media campaigns, all to produce more and better leads through writing. It’s worth a shot for your business to attempt to use content to tell your brand story because it can provide reliability and authenticity, boost your Google ranking, encourage interaction and entertainment, and more.


Content marketing is one of the only viable and invaluable strategies for establishing and maintaining relationships between brands and their target audiences. People are queuing up to study content writing because they know it will be helpful to them in their future careers.

India’s best content writing companies

There are few sectors as successful as content writing in the modern economy. Therefore, several organizations offer this service to ensure their users get the most out of it. Below you can find a list of India’s top 10 content writing firms.

1. Italics

Thanks to the high-quality content they produce across various disciplines, Italics has over 2,000 clients in over 2,000 locations in 12 countries. UpGrad, Dabur Airtel, Muthoot Finance, Maruthi Suzuki, Razorpay, etc., are a few well-known brands that have been customers for years.


The company provides its clients with 21 unique material types and various additional services, such as graphic design. They take great pride in their reputation as a top copywriting agency, which they’ve earned via their careful attention to detail. Blog articles, social media updates, editing, search engine optimized content, website copy, and graphic design are just some content creation services they offer.

2. Write Right 

In 2015, an Ahmedabad-based digital writing firm set out to provide the best answers to the challenges of implementing marketing strategies through their reliable and original content writing services. Write Right is a cutting-edge, all-encompassing content writing firm with over six years of expertise. It is widely recognized as a leading digital writing agency because of its ability to provide original, compelling material for your brands without plagiarism.

3. Content Whale

With over a thousand completed projects, Content Whale has established itself as one of India’s leading content marketing agencies. Articles and blog posts, product descriptions, case studies, Technical content, report writing, social media copywriting, and more are some of the 42 types of content writing services it offers. 


The organization provides premium writing services, including content creation, promotion, editing, and proofreading, all of which contribute to your online presence and the success of your business. In addition, an online calculator estimates cost based on factors such as service type and required word count.

4. Estorytellers

Write Right’s subsidiary, Estorytellers, has become the industry leader in customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Estorytellers excel in branding, interactivity, and content creation to attract a broad audience. Copywriting, ghostwriting, social media writing, website content marketing, blogs, and many more are just some of the eleven types of content writing services this company provides. 

5. Scatter

Since the beginning of Scatter in 2015, the company has teamed with more than 700 freelancers in developing more than 50,000 content pieces for 200+ clients. Scatter manages brands using a combination of best-in-class content strategy, patented Martech solutions, strategic alliance engineering, editorial strategists, customer success managers, and content creators.

6. Text Mercato

Kiran and Subhajit launched this content writing agency in Bengaluru to fill a void in the Indian market for quality content services. This firm provides blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), cataloging, product description, market reporting, creative content writing, copywriting, and more to many different sectors, including the fashion, healthcare, tourism, and real estate industries.

7. Godot Media

With more than 20 countries as customers, Godot Media delivers full-scale systems for content distribution. In addition to domestic businesses like Sotheby’s, AES International, etc., they also collaborate with several international organizations that require their services. The agency’s subsidiary, Narrato, can help with one-time or infrequent content needs.

8. Justwords

Another top content writing firm in India, this one has done work for firms like Homify and HDFC Ergo in Gurugram, as well as BCG and the Boston Consulting Group. They provide strong search engine optimization products to round out the document management cycle for their customers. It’s a hub for creative brains that can solve any content problem. The article-writing company has been around for over a decade and has won honors from Google for two years.

9. Pepper content

Pepper Content is one of India’s largest content management markets since it brings authors, editors, and businesses together. Over just a few years, this Indian article-writing company amassed over a thousand paying customers over a few years. There are around 50,000 freelancers all across the world who have applied to work for Pepper Content. Companies like Cars24, Swiggy, ID Fresh Food, and HealthifyMe are among its many satisfied customers. They offer script and podcast writing services, making them unique in the Indian market.

10. Das Writing Services

Three ambitious individuals founded a business that currently operates with more than 50 innovative people. They assure the accuracy of the content and construct it to meet the client’s needs. Providing accurate information on time is what they specialize in. With over 700 projects, they’ve established themselves as an industry leader committed to their client’s happiness. 


On top of that, they offer free samples of writing up to 2000 words in length. Because of how hard they work, they now have customers from all around the world. Some of their most notable clients are ICICI Prudential, Sony Live, and American Express.


As the significance of globalization grows, content creation will eventually develop into an infrastructure that serves readers fluent in English and speakers of indigenous languages. These well-established content writing services in India have been the locations to go if you want to find a group of very gifted people who will work together to create amazing content for readers of both print and digital publications. You may get the most excellent content for your business from the aforementioned top content writing firms in India.

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