PopAi, Beautiful.ai, Decktopus, Tome & Plus.ai are some of the top AI tools for creating PowerPoint presentations online

Microsoft introduced Copilot and integrated it into Microsoft 365 in order to increase accessibility through natural language processing and allow users greater agency. Now, Copilot may be found in well-known Office suite applications like Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Copilot functions as an AI helper with PowerPoint in particular, making the process of creating presentations simpler by skillfully converting concepts into polished slides. It simplifies work like creating drafts, organizing presentations, condensing complicated information, and using brand styles. Users can experiment with various concepts and layouts, honing their presentation abilities in the process. 

Presenters can save time by utilizing the user-friendly features and feedback of Copilot. Copilot enables users to create powerful presentations that attract audiences and successfully transmit concepts, whether for business, education, or personal usage.

But Copilot isn’t the first to use PowerPoint to its advantage. These are eight substitute AI technologies that you may use online to quickly produce PowerPoint presentations. 

  1. PopAi
  2. Beautiful.ai
  3. Decktopus 
  4. Tome 
  5. SlideSpeak
  6. Gamma
  7. Plus.ai
  8. SlidesAI
Tools Feature Price
PopAi Chat with document & Image Chat $49.99/year
Beautiful.ai Generate new feature $40/month
Decktopus Auto-created deck for presentations $34.99/month
Tome Dynamic text editing & image generation on text  $16/month
SlideSpeak One-Click polish tool $19/month
Gamma Design lock-in  $15/month
Plus.ai generate slideshow from scratch with versatile templates $20/month
SlidesAI Design Intelligence ₹832.83/month


PopAi is an AI platform that supports more than 200 languages and provides flexible conversational experiences. It meets the demands of both individuals and organizations, accommodating inquiries about education, technical assistance, and the production of original ideas.

PopAi offers cutting-edge features including “AI Presentation” for effective presentation design, “Chat with Document” for rapid insights from papers, and “Image Chat” for visual comprehension. 

By utilizing AI presentation tools, users can boost productivity and save a significant amount of time. These programs automate content production and design ideas, among other aspects of creating presentations. Users may now generate visually stunning slides without requiring a great deal of design knowledge or experience, thanks to AI chat.


Using AI to design slides based on content and preferences, Beautiful.ai is a web-based platform that makes it easy to produce visually amazing presentations in a matter of minutes. It manages layouts, animations, colors, and fonts.  

Real-time team collaboration is possible, and presentations can be converted to.pdf or.ppts files for offline or online sharing. One may produce and display with Beautiful.ai from any location or device with its compatibility for many browsers. Slack integration is also included.

DesignerBot offers instant text production, picture generation, and useful brainstorming in addition to speedy presentation design. 


A straightforward and user-friendly application for making presentations online is called Decktopus. It automatically tweaks a presentation to make it flawless, lining up text, photos, icons, and colors tastefully for a visually pleasing layout.

A useful tool for making presentations that are interesting and successful is Decktopus. With a variety of themes and styles to choose from, it makes it possible to produce visually attractive and polished presentations for any purpose or audience. 

The AI-enhanced material on Decktopus is one of its best features. Based on topic and audience, the tool offers suggestions for images and icons, slide notes, and more content ideas. To improve the presentation, one can also include audio files, movies, URLs, and other multimedia components.

A cutting-edge application called Tome Tome makes it simple and quick for users to create presentations and other narrative content. Tome creates images, layouts, and text suggestions to help users create presentations that seem professional by using prompts or pre-existing papers as input. 

With just a prompt, users can create presentations, and the results are arranged in a table of contents with text, slides for the introduction, and AI-generated graphics. Tome’s presentations stand apart from those made with Google Slides or PowerPoint thanks to their unique appearance, which usually consists of a black backdrop, white text, and AI graphics.


SlideSpeak revolutionises presentation creation by allowing users to upload PDFs or Word documents and automatically generate presentations based on the content.  

You only need to click to turn the document into a presentation; no additional AI bot interaction is required. After that, the created presentation can be downloaded as a PowerPoint file (.pptx), from which one can adjust any text or image alignment issues and make any changes as necessary.

Moreover, SlideSpeak makes it possible to download and share the presentation in both formats, offering a smooth and effective method for producing and distributing expert presentations. 


Gamma is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for making polished texts, webpages, and presentations. Design lock-in is no longer a problem with Gamma. By producing templates that are automatically aligned with the brand, it speeds up the generation of content.

Gamma makes it simple to integrate GIFs, movies, charts, and webpages because it supports a wide range of media formats. This improves presentations and aids in more successfully communicating difficult concepts. The dynamic and engaging nature of your material is guaranteed by the media integration option. 

Gamma is perfect for large teams since it facilitates real-time collaboration on a single platform, allowing for quick feedback and group efforts. This function guarantees smooth teamwork and meets the needs of large teams.


Plus.ai Plus.ai is an AI tool that can be easily and rapidly incorporated into Google Slides and Docs to create unique content. Professional designs are given priority, guaranteeing that presentations are appropriate for academic and professional settings.  

Furthermore, by smoothly incorporating AI into the workflow, the AI copilot functionality makes collaborative presentation production easier. With the help of Plus’s Snapshot technology, the Live Snapshots function automatically updates data to keep it up to date.

Additionally, Plus AI prioritizes content quality, producing a suitable quantity of material for every slide and exhibiting a sophisticated comprehension of diverse presentation designs. Additionally, users may rapidly correct inaccurate information with AI aid thanks to the rewrite feature. 


SlidesAI’s seamless integration with Google Slides allows users to use generative AI from within the application. When it was first released, it could create presentations from long text documents.

Lately, SlidesAI added the ability to create presentations with shorter prompts to its list of features. In addition to these main features, SlidesAI offers users other tools like picture recommendations for particular slides, text paraphrasing choices for improving content, and a text-to-slides function that lets users quickly turn existing text into presentation slides by using straightforward copy-and-paste operations. 


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