Generating leads from Instagram can be an uphill climb, especially if you’re a startup company. Not many IG users know who your company is yet, and you likely have a small following. To put it bluntly, you have a lot of miles to cover before you can generate boatloads of leads from Instagram. The good news is that you can use reliable strategies to get leads from IG like a pro. Start with these five practical tips.

1. Use tools with automation features

Lead generation includes repetitive, tedious tasks, such as generating content ideas and publishing posts across multiple platforms. Save time and effort by reducing (or eliminating) these manual, repetitive tasks. Use modern Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms with automation features. For example, Vista Social’s post scheduler lets you set your content to auto-publish on peak times and dates. You can add your posts to a queue or automatically publish them in bulk, saving you from time-consuming manual tasks. Posting your content designed for lead generation, such as poll questions for Instagram, becomes a breeze with automation. Automating your crucial SMM tasks gives you back the time better spent on other core tasks, such as improving your content strategy and developing content writing hacks. With this, you’ll manage your Instagram and other social media marketing tasks more efficiently while generating more leads.

2. Run Q&As on Instagram Stories

Fostering trust with your Instagram audiences contributes to success in your IG lead generation efforts.  After all, IG users are more likely to act on your offers or buy your products when they know and trust your brand.  Adopt a more interactive and creative approach to help build trust with your potential customers. One way of doing this is to Host Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions on Instagram Stories. Include popular questions about trending and popular topics such as “What’s your go-to comfort food?” If you offer Software-as-a-Service, ask specific brand-related questions, including the features your audiences would like to see in your modern project roadmap software.  Also, consider leaving the questions open for Instagram users to ask. t’s one way of learning your potential customer’s pain points while engaging them in real-time, supporting your lead generation initiatives. 

3. Share shoppable posts

Level up your Instagram lead generation efforts by going beyond posting the typical photos and videos. Leverage shoppable posts to bring your products in front of your IG audiences. It also makes it easier for potential customers to buy your products since the item descriptions and prices are right there on the post.  Sharing Instagram shoppable posts can also draw your audience’s attention to your content and brand. It can widen your reach and increase your  engagement and lead generation opportunities. Also, you can still count users who tap on your IG shoppable posts as leads collected on your interested prospects even if they fail to complete the purchase. You can use that information to understand the products that interest your prospects. Plus, you can tailor your ads according to audience engagement data from your shoppable posts.   IG shoppable posts are easy to share. It can encourage more shares, get more eyeballs on your content, and boost your lead generation efforts.  Include your IG shoppable posts in your content tracking process to assess their effectiveness in driving leads, engagement, and sales. 

4. Partner with influencers in your industry

Generating leads on Instagram doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Get influencers to help promote your products and services.For example, if you provide content marketing services, ask influencers to share content about how customers can purchase SEO articles and get free backlinks from your company. Influencer marketing is a great way to generate leads since you can tap into the influencers already established following.Plus, getting a familiar face to speak for your brand can make winning your prospects’ trust easier, especially when you’re a startup business. Start your influencer marketing efforts by finding the best influencers in your industry. 


Follow these quick tips:   


  • Opt for influencers within your industry or niche since they likely have the most expertise and experience working with businesses like yours. It also makes it easier to align your Instagram marketing objectives and the influencer’s goals. 
  • Research and list the top influencers you want to collaborate with. Follow them, do some digging on their followers, and map ideas and strategies for them to best support your lead generation initiatives. 

Then, talk to them to help you figure out of they’re a good fit for your campaigns.Besides influencer marketing, you can also run affiliate programs to boost your lead generation efforts on Instagram and other channels. Use popular affiliate marketing software to help you run your affiliate programs seamlessly. 

5. Implement IG lead ads

Draw more people to your Instagram content and boost your lead generation efforts by running lead ads.  Lead ads allow you to capture customer data, including job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and birth dates.

To run lead ads, you’ll need to:


  • Create a new Instagram business account (if you haven’t yet).
  • Make a Facebook Business Manager account (on Facebook) and link it to your FB page.
  • Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager and choose Lead Generation. 
  • Create lead ads (similar to creating FB ads) and choose Instagram as your placement. 


A lead ad shows a form for IG users to fill out with their contact information. It allows you to get your potential customer’s information easily. However, running lead ads for lead generation can take trial and error. Learn which lead magnet variations get the best audience responses and generate leads effectively. Split test your targeting options, Calls-to-Action (CTAs), and other materials to help refine your efforts.  

Supercharge your Instagram lead generation

Optimize your IG lead generation initiatives by learning this guide’s tried and tested tips. Try out the tips, determine which work best for your lead generation efforts, and build on them to develop a solid strategy. The right approach and the best-fitting tools can help turn your Instagram marketing into a lead generation machine. 

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