Google Trends in SEO

Google Trends is one of the sites that is often overlooked by SEO content writers. And this is a shame. First of all, this is a completely free site. Most importantly, this is where you find data based on actual search volumes.

Paid SEO tools typically provide ratings from various data providers. I’m not saying they’re useless – not at all! They provide more than just search volume data, so it’s a good idea to always have payment tools in your SEO arsenal.

If you want more data (and more accurate data), try linking information with some Google Trends queries from your paid SEO tool.

Here’s how we use Google Trends in SEO content writing

Find out how your keyword or keyword is going to be in the future

SEO is a long-term sport. If you have not updated time-sensitive content (such as the release of a new app or a news release), your article will want to be ranked high in the years to come. But search size is also important here.

To find out if what you are going to write will be of interest in the future. Over the past year, interest in this period has been growing. While SEO is not a new concept by any means, it is good to know that it is still interesting.

Compare interest in keywords or topics

When working on new topics for my agency’s blog, my team and I often need to decide whether to include SEO in the mix or to stick to content writing or copywriting in general. Google Trends can shed some light on what audiences are most interested in.

This is why it is important to keep checking with Google Trends. As marketers, we need to know if the products or services we sell are starting to lose traction. The destruction of an object is like this. And let Google Trends know about it before it’s too late.

Find related topics and related terms

Yes, you can do that with a simple, old Google search. But Google Trends adds data to this information. You can see which search terms are most popular and what other topics are most commonly related to you.

This will help you plan your SEO strategy for the long term as well as build your current content. Used properly, it can streamline commerce and make the world smaller. For example, you can translate all relevant queries into subtitles, thereby increasing your chances of getting high rankings for a wide range of keywords.

Most importantly, the results marked “Breakout” have recently led to a huge increase in search frequency, usually they are due to new topics or recent changes in the industry. This is another opportunity you should not miss.

Find out where to focus your Promotional efforts

Content writing is very popular in some states:

In other states, people were not interested in the topic. If I advertise my articles about writing content on social media, for example, why should I waste money on an audience that is not interested in trying to sell me?

But even if you do not plan to use paid advertising to promote your writing, you can use this information to refine your articles. Suppose you have an article on a topic as popular in Kansas as mine that already has excellent rankings. To further impress your Kansas audience, you can add some hints about the state of some elements of local pop culture.

Final Thoughts

Google Trends is a great way to start researching your topic and keyword. In fact, with a little experience in the platform and your industry, you do not need any other tool to integrate the SEO project.



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